Forests are Worth More Standing – forest protest rescues ancient trees from destruction

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Bob Brown Foundation is calling for an immediate end to native forest logging in Tasmania, establishing a protest in forests that have trees hundreds of years old that were being logged till protests began today.

In Tasmania’s central highlands, an activist is in a tree sit platform in an old Eucalyptus delegatensis. The tree sit platform is attached to all the logging machinery inside the logging coupe, preventing the destruction of forests. Another activist has attached themself to logging machinery using a steel pipe. Both are prepared to be arrested and are planning to stay for as long as they can.

The high-altitude forests in the foothills of Wentworth Hills contain endemic and threatened plants, including a very significant community of incredible and ancient pencil pines.

“Logging in such a fragile ecosystem must end. What is happening out here is an absolute disgrace. These beautiful forests are being smashed at the hands of the Tasmanian government at an alarming rate. And what makes the whole situation worse is that this area is completely locked off from public access. Wentworth Hills is an area of national significance and should be a National Park for everyone to enjoy. Instead, Forestry Tasmania is cutting huge scars into the landscape. Scars that will never heal,” said Dr Lisa Searle, Bob Brown Foundation’s native forests campaign organiser.

Brad Homewood, father and truck driver, hangs 15 meters in the air, suspended on a line attached to machines. He says, “I am determined to stay up here as long as possible as we are in a climate and ecological emergency. We have to stop logging native forests if we want any chance of a habitable planet.”

Kellie Ratcliff, a teacher of over 30 years, is locked onto a logging machine. She says, “I feel I have a Duty of Care to teach children about how to live on this planet so it is liveable for all. Standing amongst this destruction, and witnessing the desecration of an old growth forest, home to so many vulnerable and endangered animals is devastating.”

“The end of native forest logging is on the horizon, but Tasmania is losing vast areas of critically important forests every day. And there is no time to lose. Our leaders need to act now and do what’s right, that is end native forest logging and provide secure protection for all our islands forests,” concluded Dr Searle.

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