Foundation threatens stop logging injunction in Swift Parrot habitat

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Swift Parrot habitat, ten kilometres from Geeveston in Tasmania’s south, continues to be logged, despite consistent lobbying by Bob Brown Foundation for protection of the habitat and forty records of parrots in the forests. Bob Brown Foundation campaigners have been asking Premier Rockliff and Forestry Tasmania not to destroy this Swift Parrot habitat since early October.

“Yesterday, our foundation sent letters to Steve Whiteley at Forestry Tasmania, Anne Chuter at Forest Practices Authority and Premier Rockliff. If logging has not ceased, in accordance with their own logging prescriptions, by noon on 8 December 2023 we will instruct our lawyers to commence the process of seeking an injunction to halt this logging,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“While protesting against this activity lands defenders before the courts, Forestry Tasmania must be held to account for their illegal activities. We will be in the forests defending these birds, their forests and the wild ecosystems being lost at catastrophic rates behind locked gates defended by private security, sanctioned by the Forest Practices Authority and carried out by Forestry Tasmania,” said Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation campaigner.

“The ongoing destruction of Swift Parrot nesting trees, driving the birds to extinction, is a global disgrace for Tasmania. There were tens of thousands originally, 3,500 in the 1980s, maybe 700 now and, scientists predict, 70 by the end of this decade. Destroying their habitat is illegal under state forest law, disregards federal rehabilitation plans and is bringing condemnation of Tasmania by a world alarmed at the rising tide of human-caused extinctions. We will not step back from saving the Swift Parrots and their habitat,” said Bob Brown.

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