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In a scene rivaling the world’s worst logging, a single-rider log from a downed giant native tree was trucked out of Tasmania’s Florentine Valley on Monday 14 August.

Bob Brown described the state and federal government-authorised destruction of the Eucalyptus regnans as “globally shameful”.

We have protested in the giant-filled forest since.

It is up to us to take a stand for Australia’s native forests and call for an immediate end to this destruction.

Ending native forest logging would be a hugely popular move for the Albanese government to make.

Albo has the power to quickly put an end to Australia’s native forests being traded or exported.

It is also the cheapest and quickest way for the PM to achieve his target of a 43% reduction in greenhouse gases and for Tanya Plibersek to avoid looming extinctions of forest birds and mammals.

The vast majority of Australians want the nation’s majestic native forests and their wildlife saved.

69% of Australian voters want an end to native forest logging in NSW and Tasmania.

That includes 75% of Labor voters
58% of Coalition voters
and 85% of Greens voters

Source: The Australia Institute (August 2023).

We will keep standing up for native forest protection as long as the chainsaws are felling some of the grandest trees left on Earth, their rainforest understorey, ferns, birds and mammals.

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