Send the Environment Minister her Ticket to takayna!

We have a unique new opportunity for you to help with our takayna campaign.

We have a unique new opportunity for you to help with our takayna campaign.

Before the election, the Australian government approved clearing of rainforests, drilling and building 14km roads into ancient takayna.This decision was withdrawn just days before the election. Now, this decision has fallen to the new Minister for the Environment Tanya Plibersek.

While we were hopeful for a decision in mid-June, we have been told by Ms Plibersek’s legal team that she is unlikely to make her decision before mid-July. This means we still have plenty of time to lobby the minister to make the right decision.

Speaking with your local MP about this issue and asking them to pass on your concern is an incredibly important way to get pressure on the Environment Minister.

The more meetings or phone calls and letters to the ALP, Independents and Greens MPs the better for our chance to have the Federal Environment Minister make the right decision.

It is up to us to hold back the machines and prevent this destruction.

If you have only five minutes, you can phone your MP,

asking them to write to the Environment Minister registering your concern over this project. Here is a script you can use. 

If you have half an hour, you can deliver a ‘welcome’ letter

to your MP’s office outlining your concerns over the MMG project, and asking them to register your concern to the Environment Minister. Here is a ‘quick facts’ A5 sheet you can save and print to include alongside your letter. 

If you have half a day

to dedicate to this task, the biggest thing you can do for us is call your MP and request a meeting. We will provide you with a report you can drop off, as well as the A5 document listed above. We are here to help you through this process and will make sure you are fully equipped to engage with your MP on this issue. Here is a report you can download, save and print, to hand to your MP’s office staff. 

Send the Environment Minister her Ticket to takayna!

Simply download the image hereprint, and pop it into the post to Tanya Plibersek parliamentary or electorate office!

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