Government science captured and controlled by Tasmanian salmon Industry.

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Bob Brown Foundation is calling upon the Federal Government and Federal Science minister, Ed Husic, to support CSIRO with more funding and not allow CSIRO to become a ‘gun for hire’ for nature-destroying companies.

Our foundation is concerned that Tasmania’s controversial and environmentally polluting salmon industry has captured CSIRO and the science they conduct. This science needs to be robust, independent and reliable.
“Today’s report in The Guardian confirms what we have heard time and time again when it comes to salmon farming. The industry controls the government, the regulators, the science and the whole show. How can Tasmanians know what is really happening to their waters when the industrial salmon industry gets to ‘OK’ what is discovered?”, said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation’s Fish Farm campaigner.

“The level of contempt that both industry and the government must have for Tasmanians, especially communities who live on our beautiful waterways and have witnessed, first-hand, the destruction and damage from industrial fish farms, is through the roof.”

“Over and over, we hear Premier Rockliff say that the salmon industry is guided by science and bound by regulation, but it’s not. It’s guided by profit and corporations who have no care for our marine environment.”

“The government must commit to the Finfish Inquiry recommendations, and it must commit to a truly independent EPA if they are to have any hope of regaining the community’s trust. Right now, it lies in tatters.”

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