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Bob Brown Foundation has joined Wilderness Australia, WWF and Forest Defence NSW to condemn the destruction of greater glider habitat in NSW’s Tallaganda forests.

“Our Federal and NSW governments must end native forest logging. Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek’s pledge for no new extinctions means nothing as long as logging continues in habitats of the endangered Greater Glider, endangered Koala and critically endangered Swift Parrots. From Tasmania to NSW, native forest logging will continue to send species to extinction,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said.

“We were recently stopped by a broken-down logging truck on a road leading out of the southern forests of NSW, probably from the Tallaganda forest. On the truck was a huge, long stem of a vigorous eucalypt which had centuries of life ahead of it back in the forest. On this logging hearse, it was destined, at best, for woodchips, floorboards or kitchen furniture which are all available from plantation logs. Nothing can replace that giant eucalypt’s role as home and haven for a range of birds and animals, including the remarkable Greater Glider,” Bob Brown said.

“NSW Premier Chris Minns and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese have, separately, the power to stop this needless crime against nature. They would be backed by the majority of Labor (and Coalition and Greens) voters who want what’s left of Australia’s native forests protected. Instead, they have meekly succumbed to the increasingly unpopular logging corporations robbing future generations as well as our fellow species of the right to have these wild, publicly-owned forests for life, lifestyle and delight in their own times. New Zealand ended native forest logging two decades ago. The campaign to end it in Australia is growing rapidly. This appalling slaughter of the nation’s forest and wildlife heritage must come to an end,” Bob Brown said.

Photo: Friends of the Earth Melbourne

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