Inaugural Takayna FungiBlitz shares the fragility and magic of the rainforest.

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Forty citizen scientists and experts have spent the weekend surveying fungi at Mckimmie Creek in the south of Takayna as part of the Bob Brown Foundation’s inaugural Takayna FungiBlitz. The FungiBlitz aims to survey and catalog the fungi present in this area threatened by logging and MMG’s proposed tailings dam. 

“On day one we found over 100 species with many more to be identified,” said Bob Brown Foundation Takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan. 

“Having members of the public and local fungi experts joining together in a mission to catalog the fungi of takayna’s threatened McKimmie Creek is a great way to highlight the value of this rainforest when left intact while producing a lot of data and also helping educate the public about the huge diversity of fungi and the role they play in the ecosystem.” 

“Knowing what is out here in Takayna is critical to being able to tell the story of what a globally unique place Takayna is, and why it must be protected,” concluded Scott Jordan. 

Takayna contains Australia’s largest temperate rainforest and its diverse fungi species are still yet to be fully identified.

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