International groups warn Tasmania about Cooke Aquaculture

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Today, Bob Brown Foundation is echoing the concerns of the Global Salmon Farming Resitance expressed in their open letter to Tasmanians and Premier Rockliff.

The open letter, published in The Age, The Australian Financial Review, and The Sydney Morning Herald is a dire warning to Tasmanians about the huge environmental damage and bad behaviour associated with Cooke Aquaculture. Cooke Aquaculture is currently poised to take over Tassal, the last remaining Tasmanian industrial salmon company.

“Today’s letter from a myriad of international groups, is a clear warning to Tasmania. Cooke aquaculture will bring nothing but more environmental disaster to Tasmania’s rivers, bays and oceans,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm Campaigner.

“This company has a terrible record. As the letter says, this is not a ma and pa operation, it is an aquaculture giant with nothing but environmental destruction in its wake.”

“This letter shows how bad fish farming is in general; wherever salmon farming goes, the environment is devastated, as are communities. Now is not the time for a mega aquaculture company to step in, it’s time for all salmon pens to get out.

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