Investors told “Don’t Fund Venture Minerals” at Sydney Resources Roundup

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Bob Brown Foundation has joined with members of the Sydney community to send a clear message to mining investors that Venture Minerals’ plans to mine in World Heritage value rainforests in takayna / Tarkine will always be met with community opposition. Protestors have gathered outside the Sydney Resources Roundup to inform sure potential investors of Venture’s destructive plan.

“We are here again with the community to make sure Venture Minerals investors know the risk they take when they fund the destruction of takayna / Tarkine rainforests,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“takayna / Tarkine is home to iconic threatened species like the Tasmanian Devil, the Masked Owl, and the Wedge-tailed Eagle and is worthy of protection. It is not a playground for destructive, speculative, high risk mining ventures.”

“Right now Venture Minerals are again on the edge of insolvency, and attempting to raise funds from potential investors. Our message is clear. Venture’s mines will not proceed, and investing in this folly will never be profitable.”

Around twenty protestors have gathered outside, and a small group has entered the conference to float banners suspended from balloons into the atrium space.

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