It’s time for Forestry Tasmania to be abolished as annual report shows logging agency propped up by taxpayers

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Bob Brown Foundation has called for Forestry Tasmania to be abolished as native forest logging is reported as increasing but taxpayers continue to pay for the environmental destruction.

“After sixty-three years of clearfelling native forests, sending wildlife to the brink of extinction and contributing to global heating, native forest logging must end,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Forestry Tasmania’s Annual report today is an embarrassment to Tasmania’s government. It is clear that logging is still a taxpayer-subsidised razing of native forests,” Jenny Weber said.

“This Annual Report comes one day after the logging agency admitted it logged the gigantic trees being paraded down the main street of Hobart, bringing Tasmania another round of international disgrace,” Jenny Weber said.

In 2022 / 2023 Forestry Tasmania spent $127 million dollars logging Tasmania’s unique native forests while having an income of $103 million. So taxpayers have funded the logging to the tune of $24 million. That’s $24 million unavailable to hospitals, ambulances and schools.

“Controversial megarich Malaysian logging companies are still reaping the benefits of Tasmania’s forests being destroyed, with export peeler wood increased by 359%. This is shocking, Shin Yang is a very contentious logging company in Sarawak which is taking the Tasmanian government to the cleaners,” Jenny Weber said.

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