Jim Everett joins forest protest in Styx Valley of the Giants one week out from state election

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This morning Jim Everett joined community members in a forest protest at the Styx Valley of the Giants where logging has been destroying world heritage value forests.

Jim Everett, elder pakana plangermairreenner political activist, poet and film maker said:
“Ongoing logging of our old growth native forests has to stop immediately. The consequences are far beyond reason now, and the impacts on the relational ecosystems not only causes major imbalance of the whole native forest network in the Styx Valley, but also causes great concern to palawa/pakana people,”

“We are country and country is us, our First People in lutrawita/Tasmania understand how we are a part of everything, and have a responsibility and role to protect these ancient forests. It is an honour for me to join the Bob Brown Foundation in the struggle to end this damaging logging of old growth forests, and my action is aimed at inspiring more involvement by palawa/pakana to stand with the brave people who are already in the front line to protect our forests,” said Jim Everett.

“I am a proud forest defender to stand with pakana leader Jim Everett today in these forests. This is Aboriginal land and must be protected from destruction. Putting ourselves between the ancient forests and the bulldozers, I call on the governments to wake up to the death they are overseeing here,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

“Jim-puralia Everett-meenamatta, now in his eighties, is both the old and new spirit of Tasmania. He was arrested for peacefully defending the Franklin River in the 1980s and, later, the takayna rainforest. His going to the defence of the remarkable Styx forest now shows how much better the forests of Tasmania would be if back in the hands of First Nations people rather than the current corporations sucking million of dollars out of the public purse each year as they destroy more forests for export woodchips,” said Bob Brown.

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