Krill should be front and centre of new Antarctic research

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Today’s announcement of a new Antarctic research centre focusing on emerging climate threats is very welcome. With the research being focused on East Antarctica and the Southern Ocean now is the time to examine what role krill play in both mitigating climate change and just how much this crucial species will be affected by climate change.

“Krill are a keystone species in Antarctica. With today’s announcement of new research focusing on climate change in the Southern Ocean, how krill will be affected should be front and centre. With huge industrial trawlers hoovering up krill in massive numbers, at the very least, a ban should be enacted on this fishery until more is understood about how climate change will affect this species,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Antarctic and Marine campaigner.

“CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic and Marine Living Resources) meets in Hobart next week. They can enact such a ban and should do so. With such large threats like climate change barrelling toward krill and the Southern Ocean, it’s the only choice to make if conservation is the goal.”

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