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Bob Brown Foundation’s Supreme Court application for an interlocutory injunction to prevent logging in Swift Parrot breeding forests, coupe KD022C, has been heard today.  Judgement is expected on Wednesday at 2:15pm.

“The logging in this Swift Parrot breeding habitat should never have been authorised. Our foundation has commenced proceedings against Forestry Tasmania, Forest Practices Authority and the Forest Practices Officer who authorised the logging. Forestry Tasmania made ten objections to our evidence today, calling into question the validity and relevance of our scientific data, and they were all rejected by the Judge,” Jenny Weber said, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager said.

“Our science team has recorded more than 30 occurrences of Swift Parrots in this breeding forest, throughout their breeding season.  Horrifying records of Swift Parrots and logging chainsaws were recorded on our bioacoustic recorders before we halted the logging for this case.  If our injunction is not successful and logging was to proceed, there will be potentially ongoing illegal logging of a critically endangered species’ habitat,” Jenny Weber said.

“If, as Forestry Tasmania’s lawyer told the court, it’s entirely discretionary whether rare creatures forest habitat is logged, Tasmania is no different to Borneo or the Congo,” Bob Brown said today.

“Our barrister, Adam McBeth, made our case that the logging of KD022C is unlawful and those responsible for authorising the logging failed to follow the law to adhere to protection of Swift Parrots,” Jenny Weber said.

“Forestry Tasmania’s ongoing annual devastation has persisted for decades, causing an alarming reduction in the Swift Parrots’ breeding grounds.  The Swift Parrots’ precarious proximity to extinction is a result of this continuous logging of habitat. Logging that occurs without public scrutiny,” Jenny Weber said.

“Today’s court case is only about one coupe, but over the last twelve months, more than ten Swift Parrot breeding habitats have been logged. The path to extinction for the Swift Parrot is not inevitable. Protecting the vast tract of remaining native forests in Tasmania’s logging zones could undeniably yield a positive outcome for the species, offering a vital breeding sanctuary,” Jenny Weber said.

Bob Brown Foundation released a report today, Logging Swift Parrots to Extinction, that presents scientific records and data that substantiate the ongoing inaction of our government and mismanagement threatening this species. 

Download the report here

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