Mass forest protest in Tasmania

A mass forest protest is underway in logging areas around lutruwita / Tasmania. Sixty people are taking action, calling for urgent native forest protection.

“In Tasmania’s southern central highlands, where logging of ancient forests is destroying wildlife habitat and critical carbon storehouses, fifty people walked into a logging operation in a highly contentious area at Brady’s Lake. Ancient habitat forests are being plundered under the watch of the Rockliff government and sanctioned by the spineless regulator, the Forest Practices Authority.  We are here to defend wild forests and take action to end native forest logging,” said Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Erik Harward.

Meanwhile, in Meunna in north-west Tasmania, a second protest is underway.

“For eight weeks, our foundation has stood with local community members at Meunna to defend remnant rainforest precious to them. Despite community lobbying and protests, logging continues to destroy habitat and precious forests. Regardless of the destruction, there are still forests here that can be protected if the machines were evicted today”, Bob Brown Foundation takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

Coordinated protest actions are growing and more people are taking action to peacefully defend the last remaining tracts of wild forests in lutruwita /Tasmania. Seven people have peacefully locked onto the logging machines in one forest today, calling for the protection of forests.

“It’s unfathomable to me that native forests in lutruwita are still being logged. I want to see an immediate end to the destruction of these precious forests that sustain native critters and are an essential part of the ecosystems of this island,” said 24-year-old Mae Woodruff.

“I have chosen to take this action because I think this forest is worth being arrested for. This is not sustainable timber logging. It is unnecessary destruction of the precious life forms we have left on this planet. I understand that people need jobs, but logging is so heavily subsidised by the state that people could be employed to do almost anything else,” said Riley Wilcox.

“There is a great need to take a stand for our native forests. I need to do something concrete.  I can’t sit back and watch what my generation is doing to Tasmania’s natural environment,” said eco-tourism business owner Susie Aulich.

“I’m here for Tassie’s critters, including the Swifties, who continue to lose their habitat and for the carbon in the soil and the trees that will be released, thus contributing to climate change. I encourage older folk of my generation to support Bob Brown Foundation in calling out the trashing of Tassie’s natural environment,” said Gordon Cuff.

Images from the field to follow, available here

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