Miner MMG remove machines from Tasmania’s forests under environmentalists supervision

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“An ancient, fragile pocket of Tasmania’s takayna rainforests has been reclaimed for breeding Tasmanian Masked Owls. Leaving takayna / Tarkine forests for the owls is a wise move,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager Jenny Weber said today from takayna while witnessing the forced removal of machines.

Tasmanian Masked Owls in southern takayna / Tarkine are safe again after mining company MMG complied with a Federal Court order to remove their machines from the site.

Bob Brown Foundation Campaigners and defenders supervised the removal of the machines today. Walking out behind the machines ensuring they were removed from the fragile ecosystem.

“A nineteen-month delay to the destruction of takayna / Tarkine has been successful. 89 people have been arrested defending these forests, with a Federal Court victory ultimately forcing miner MMG’s machines out of the forests,” Bob Brown Foundation takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan said from the forests.

“The fate of these forests are now in Minister Tanya Plibersek’s hands. Wild ancient forests of takayna / Tarkine, including 500-year-old myrtle rainforest and critical breeding habitat for Tasmanian Masked Owls and Wedge-tailed Eagles, habitat for Tasmanian Devils and Spotted-tailed Quolls,” Scott Jordan said.

“It’s a rare moment in history to witness the removal of Earth destroying machines from wild places. It’s a momentous occasion for the forests, the wildlife and the thousands of citizens who have defended takayna with us. We remain vigilant for takayna. If Minister Plibersek condemns this place and allows MMG’s mine waste dump to proceed, we will be here in the forests to defend and protect them,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaigns Manager Jenny Weber said.

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