Minister duped by Venture Minerals

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Miner Venture Minerals has announced its mothballed controversial takayna / Tarkine Riley Creek mine is on the market just days after Resources Minister Felix Ellis renewed its lease. The mine lease lapsed in December 2022. The mine suspended mining in September 2021 after just two months of operation and a single loss-making ore shipment.

“Venture Minerals has been on life support for over two years, keeping its head above water with smaller and increasingly failing capital and Tasmanian Government grants for work it cannot do. And now, six months after Venture withdrew its referrals for Federal Environment approvals for its Lindsay and Livingstone mines and a year after the Riley Creek mine lease lapsed, Minister Ellis seems to be the only person who believes Venture has a future and has granted them a renewed mine lease,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“Riley Creek doesn’t stack up economically. It never did. But after throwing tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars at Venture for exploration it has not completed, Minister Ellis has now gifted them a renewed mine lease ready for them to sell off.”

“This is highly irregular. Has the minister colluded with Venture? Or has he been duped? These are questions that the Premier ought to be asking.”

“What is known though is that any potential buyer should be on notice that this is a failed and controversial mine in an area verified as having both National Heritage and World Heritage values and that the public campaign to oppose this mine and protect takayna is growing and here for the long haul.” 

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