MMG can end its tailings waste dump uncertainty by committing to paste fill.

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Chinese state-owned miner MMG could end the manufactured uncertainty surrounding its tailings solution for the Rosebery mine, by abandoning its flawed and destructive plans for a new tailings waste dump in Takayna’s cathedral-like rainforests and committing to a twenty-first-century paste fill tailings solution. Under paste fill, acid-producing sulphide tailings are combined with concrete to stabilise underground voids and completed mining shafts.

“A critical Masked Owl breeding territory in Takayna’s ancient rainforests has been targeted by MMG but our Federal Court win and frontline campaign has meant the forests are still standing for now,” said Scott Jordan, Bob Brown Foundation Takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“Miners around the globe are moving to paste fill solutions, including here in Tasmania, for one simple reason. Paste fill works, and tailings dams don’t,” said Scott Jordan.

“Our island is littered with failed and leaking tailings dams and responsible miners are looking for twenty-first-century solutions, not pushing ahead with plans to flood rainforest valleys filled with threatened species like the Tasmanian Masked Owl.”

“Senator Tyrrell’s urging of people to go and see the site of the proposed tailings dam for themselves is good advice. Over 3,000 people have done just that, witnessing these rainforests with our foundation. Senator Tyrrell has not. Today, we have invited the Senator to see this natural marvel for herself,” said Scott Jordan.

“The community has had deafening silence from the Federal Environment Minister and the fate of these forests have been left in limbo for too long. We have written again to the minister today seeking a decision to refuse MMG’s proposed destruction of the ancient Takayna forests. Minister Plibersek knows she can protect World Heritage value Takayna and has failed to do so. 495,000 hectares of Takayna have outstanding universal values and need World Heritage listing,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigns Manager.

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