MONA Forest Economic Congress: Native forests are priceless – ending native forest logging is the only solution

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Longtime forest defenders Jenny Weber and Scott Jordan will be attending the MONA Forest Economic Congress intent on seeing that Tasmania and NSW end native forest logging before 1 January 2024, in line with Western Australia and Victoria.

“We are standing with the forest defenders who take action across Australia to save critically endangered and endangered species from logging. Forest-dependent species like Swift Parrots, koalas, Black Cockatoos and Greater Gliders, must be saved from the very small component of the timber industry which is still logging native forests rather than plantations,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager said.

“Australia has enough plantations to meet its timber needs and there is no excuse for ongoing flattening of precious forests. The value of native forests is clear – they are priceless,” Jenny Weber said.

“We have witnessed the flattening of native forests in Tasmania for decades. The logging of forests is unsustainable and tantamount to ecological vandalism in an age of global boiling and biodiversity collapse. Trees, several hundred years old are still being logged. Biodiversity is not being maintained, nor is the carbon store,” Jenny Weber said.

“Prime Minister Albanese and Premiers Rockliff and Minns would be backed by the majority of Labor (and Coalition and Greens) voters who want what’s left of Australia’s native forests protected. Instead, they have meekly succumbed to the increasingly unpopular logging corporations robbing future generations, as well as our fellow species, of the right to have these wild, publicly-owned forests for life, lifestyle and delight in their own times. New Zealand ended native forest logging two decades ago – Australia’s time has come to end it too,” Jenny Weber said.

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