More rorts for forest destruction as Albanese grants $108 million to more logging

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After the Albanese government announced $108 million grants to the logging industry, Bob Brown Foundation is calling on Anthony Albanese to take up a balanced approach and give $108 million to the best forest managers in the country, that’s the environment movement.

“Our rate of protecting Swift parrot breeding habitat and takayna rainforests from destruction needs to be increased. We want to increase our efficiency, upgrade our techniques and minimise the 70% of waste from logging and burning Australia’s native forests by preventing it altogether. We aim to be 100% efficient in seeing these native forests and their wildlife kept for Australia’s future,” Bob Brown said.

“What a rort, more millions of tax payers money has been handed to the tax-payer funded job-shedding logging industry. This comes after Australia’s native forest logging industry has been tax-payer funded with more than $1BN over many decades of destroyed forests. Come on Prime Minister Albanese, Australia’s native forests need protection for their climate benefits and wildlife habitat. We can guarantee 1000 jobs in forest protection and restoration, something the native forest logging corporations won’t do,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigns Manager sai

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