Marinus means Tasmanians worse off

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Premier Gutwien’s support for big business backing $3.5 billion of taxpayers’ funds being diverted from schools and hospitals to turn unprofitable windfarm projects into profitable projects seems unremarkable, Bob Brown said today. “Especially as big business will donate a fraction of the same to help Premier Gutwein win the next election for it, keeping Tasmania one of the poorest communities in Australia. Nothing usual there.”

“What is remarkable is the blatant spin that Marinus means those worse-off citizens will be better off. This ‘can do’ capitalism, as the Prime Minister calls it, profits the rich, and green-spin advertising houses at the expense of ordinary taxpayers and Tasmania’s natural environment which is valued at zero,” Bob Brown said.

The Bob Brown Foundation will publish a contemporary report on the viability of Marinus tomorrow.

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