Nationwide protests for Takayna forests – Protesters arrested in Tasmanian forest

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Bob Brown Foundation has released the first-ever photograph of the endangered Masked Owl in the contentious Takayna forest currently being logged.

“In a rare occurrence, an endangered Masked Owl that lives and forages in the Takayna forests, currently being flattened by logging, has been photographed. We are pleading for an immediate eviction of logging machines from this forest,” said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundations Campaigns Manager.

“Today, we are taking nationwide action for Takayna, with community members joining our calls for immediate protection from logging of this endangered species habitat. Six demonstrations are taking place in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and Launceston, as protests resume at the site of the controversial logging in Takayna,” said Jenny Weber.

“In sorrow, I am bearing witness to the destruction of Tasmania’s native forests. Save them for the future of life on our island and on the planet,” said Craig Brown, who is prepared to be arrested today unless the government removes the logging machines from this forest.

“I am taking this action today because we have incredible native forests, vital habitat for many animals, being destroyed in takayna right now. I am new to Tasmania and heard Masked Owls for the first time in my life last week in the coupe. It was such a powerful experience hearing them, and I hope we can do everything we can to protect what we have left,” said Tanya Sneddon, who is attached to the gate that locks up the public land to allow the logging.

A breeding pair of endangered Masked Owls are losing thier critical habitat to logging. In the last ten days, Bob Brown Foundation has recorded 111 Masked Owl calls just a few hundred metres from the bulldozers. The resident pair has been heard communicating across the logging coupe. Despite this scientific evidence being provided to Premier Rockliff, Forestry Tasmania and the Forest Practices Authority, their home is being clear-felled.

Forests on the edge of the Arthur and Frankland rivers are verified critical habitat that supports endangered Masked Owls, Azure Kingfishers, and eagles that live and nest there. Native forests across Australia need protection for their crucial role in mitigating climate change and the extinction crisis

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