New testing finds salmon additive “a danger to human health.”

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Bob Brown Foundation is calling on the Tasmanian Goverment to conduct their own tests and publicly release the results regarding the additive, ethoxyquin or EQ, found in Tasmanian farmed salmon. This is in light of new testing finding levels of ethoxyquin to be high enough to be a “danger to human health”.

The foundation is also calling on Tassal to comment, rather than stonewall, when questioned about the additive.

“The Rockliff government is constantly supporting and backing the salmon industry no matter how bad things get. Is the government willing to stand by farmed salmon knowing that it is a danger to human health?” said Alistair Allan, Fish Farm campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

“The toxic salmon industry continues to live up to the name. It’s toxic to our waterways, they are toxic toward coastal communities and now, the product itself is toxic.”

“The salmon industry, and Tassal in particular, should not decline to comment when questioned about this. But if that’s what they are going to do, the government should step in to assure people that they aren’t supporting a product that is a danger to the health of Tasmanians.”

“The government puts warning labels on cigarettes, where is the warning label on toxic Tasmanian farmed salmon?”

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