New website and major city poster campaign to show the truth about Tasmanian salmon.

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Today, Bob Brown Foundation launched a new website, to expose the nasty reality of Tasmanian salmon.

Posters have been put up across Sydney and Melbourne, suggesting the public learn the truth behind toxic farmed salmon from Tasmania.

The website and posters show the public the true cost of Tasmanian salmon, from driving the Maugean Skate to extinction in Macquarie Harbour to the shooting and bombing of seals across salmon farms in Tasmanian.

“Salmon Tasmania was formed as a PR front for this industry to hide the truth of industrial salmon farming in Tasmania. Try as it might, it cannot create a social license for this industry, which the Australian public knows is destroying Tasmania’s marine environment and driving a unique animal, the Maugean Skate, to extinction,” said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine campaigner at Bob Brown Foundation.

“With thousands of posters going up in Sydney and Melbourne, more consumers can now learn the truth behind this destructive industry. We know that Australians don’t want to buy products that are causing an extinction.”


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