No real action taken as Maugean Skate slips closer to extinction

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Today’s announcement from Salmon Tasmania that their unproven and experimental oxygenation barge is in place is just more tinkering, not action to save the Maugean Skate.

With only a trial in the Swan River in Western Australia, a water body that has an average width of 102m, it is very unlikely it will have any impact on Macquarie Harbour, a body of water that is 6x bigger than Sydney Harbour.

With the recent news of a 50% death rate in the captive breeding programme and now with the oxygenation experiment, the only actions happening on the Harbour are long shot, unproven technological ones. This is in complete contradiction to the advice that was given to Federal Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, whose own department listed significantly reducing or removing fish farms in Macquarie Harbour as the number one priority action before summer.

“This is experimentation at a time that requires action. There is absolutely no guarantee that this will do anything to save the Maugean Skate,” Said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine campaigner at the Bob Brown Foundation.

“The Federal conservation advice was abundantly clear, fish farms need to be removed from Macquarie Harbour. It is that simple. Tanya Plibersek was told to remove fish farms before summer. We are in summer now and this has not happened. More must be urgently done by the Federal government. They made a promise of no new extinctions to The Australian public and they must keep that promise”

“Salmon Tasmania’s expectation that the announcement of this unproven technology in Macquarie Harbour should be met with applause, is laughable as they are the ones responsible for the crisis. The only reason this barge is in Macquarie Harbour in the first place is because industrial fish farms destroyed the harbour”

“This is just more deflection from Salmon Tasmania, in a desperate effort to ward off the only viable solution to prevent the extinction of the Maugean Skate, which is the removal of fish farms from the Harbour,” Said Alistair Allan.

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