Old Parties Will Lose Ground

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The Liberal and Labor parties will lose ground at this state election and deserve the thrashing voters will give them, former state and national Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

“Both the old parties want more unpopular logging of native forests, fish pens in our inshore waters and foreign-owned mines in wild and scenic Tasmania. That’s last century thinking for this vibrant, natural island state. So is subsidising foreign multinational exploiters, for example through the Marinus cable, at the expense of health, education and transport: that will be a big vote loser in 2024.”

“The Liberal and Labor parties calling for stability is like the mafia calling for law and order. They are both riven with petty divisions and are bereft of new ideas except those dictated by the big end of town. They will go backwards this time. Expect to see the Greens gain more seats and more independents,” Brown said.

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