Original native forest, old growth and koala habitat to be cleared for plantations in NSW

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Bob Brown Foundation is warning of the imminent destruction of remnant native forest habitat within Tuckers Nob plantations 22-25 and 28, and the contamination of certified timber supplying Australian and international markets. Efforts by BBF, residents and community groups for consultation on how the logging company plans to ensure the significant biodiversity and high conservation values of this area are protected have been ignored.

“Tuckers Nob has significant value as an area known to have a high likelihood of the presence of koalas. Logging this forest will reduce koala habitat for the endangered species in this region, which is right inside the proposed Great Koala National Park. It is outrageous, as this area has seen 30% of its koala population lost to bushfires,” said Doro Babeck, Bob Brown Foundation NSW campaigner.

“These plantations have remnant native forests that are habitat for koalas and the Forestry Corporation of NSW has re-designated areas of native forest within the plantation for logging. Constant shifting of boundaries is ensuring that remnant native forests will be logged and converted into plantations. Patches of remnant forest have even been hidden under map legends on the plan, making them invisible and available to be cut,” Doro Babeck said.

“The only conclusion that can be drawn is that forestry agencies are targeting remnant native forests and do not have the technical or managerial competency to identify or protect the values still contained within the operational boundaries of the area in question, unlike our Citizen Scientists who have mapped and worked on this area for weeks,” Doro Babeck said.

Previous requests for stop work orders have been ignored, areas requested to be set aside have been removed, complaints dismissed and there has been no meaningful consultation with stakeholders, forest neighbours or the community, despite numerous efforts.

“I have to warn all forestry companies and timber certification schemes that no timber being removed from Tuckers Nob can in any way carry a label as sustainable or well-managed. Timber supplies will be contaminated and significant biodiversity, conservation values, including koalas, will be impacted,” Doro Babeck said

Photo by Paul Hilton

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