Outrage at forest killing 3-year plan

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Continued demolition of Earth’s only breeding habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot, Australia’s largest temperate rainforest in Takayna, more of the world’s tallest flowering plants and the habitat of a range of Tasmanian bird and animal species facing extinction, is in Forestry Tasmania’s logging plans for the next three years, released today.

An end to native forest logging should have happened more than a decade ago, but this list is another killing plan to feed export woodchippers, Malaysian timber company Ta Ann and Victorian sawmills that have no social licence,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager said.

“Kilometres of new wilderness-destroying roads will be slashed into ancient forests that have never seen a chainsaw, including taxpayer-funded roads into untouched Takayna rainforests and six kilometres into Wentworth Hills near Lake St Clair. Clearfell operations in areas essential to the critically-endangered Swift Parrot have been drafted despite the threat posed to the species,” said Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner.

“Lines on maps have been drawn that carve up some of the most remarkable natural landscapes the globe has to offer. For the defence of our natural world, we will remain committed and defiant in the face of this complete abandonment,” said Erik Hayward.

“Over the last six weeks in Takayna, hundreds of Australians joined the largest protest against native forest logging in Tasmania in the last decade. Prime Minister Albanese needs to immediately end native forest logging in Australia, a move supported by more than 75% of Labor’s voters,” said Jenny Weber.

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