Plea to Prime Minister from logged Giants destruction zone

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Bob Brown Foundation has conducted a protest today in native forests where logged giant trees have shocked the nation.

Bob Brown has made a plea to PM Albanese from deep in Tasmania’s forest destruction zone: “You should come and see this!”

“This forest is superb and includes the most beautiful natural fernery I have ever seen. Some ferns are centuries old and the giant Eucalptus regnans backed by the snow-topped Mt Field make this a place of enormous tourism potential. It is being turned into a squalid pile of smashed branches and mud,” Bob Brown said.

“Dozens of good people here representing the vast majority of Australians who want these majestic forests and their wildlife saved. The chainsaws are felling some of the grandest trees left on Earth, their rainforest understory, ferns, birds and mammals. All under PM Albanese’s authority. The end of native forest logging is here, but the power brokers are asleep at the wheel,” said Bob Brown.

“We are calling for an immediate halt to the logging of this giant forest, governments must come to the rescue. Even after 25 years of watching Tasmania’s forests being destroyed I’m still shocked, seeing the destruction today after the logging of these ancient trees is exactly why Australia needs an end to native forest,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigns Manager said.

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