Plibersek wins Federal Court backing to destroy habitat of critically-endangered species – Bob Brown

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Today’s Federal Court decision to reject the Friends of the Gelorup Corridor’s effort to stop the destruction of the Gelorup woodlands, south of Perth, highlights Australia’s official determination to send its unique species to extinction, Bob Brown said today.

“This horror show of environmental vandalism began with Tanya Plibersek, Australia’s Minister for the Environment approving on 29 June the WA Main Roads’ plan to bulldoze the corridor’s woodlands and wildlife habitat. It was Plibersek’s first decision and means that the crucial habitat of the critically-endangered Western Ringtail Possum, rare Black Cockatoos, and the native Black Striped Minnow will be destroyed forever. The so-called offsets to accommodate this ecological destruction are a scam. They will not work. The species are now a giant step closer to extinction.”

“There are alternative routes for the Bunbury bypass but no alternative habitats for the displaced species and now the certainty of the destruction of giant tuart and WA mistletoe trees as well. Like the minister, the judge flagged the dollar value of the roadworks but gave no value to the woodlands and their species. This is an environmental disaster on Plibersek’s watch. It is indicative of the Albanese government’s intention to smash any precious piece of national heritage which gets in the way of so-called ‘development’.

“I laud the Friends of the Gelorup Corridor. They are locals who have been completely ignored by the Albanese government and this minister. She has been cruel to their entreaties. Plibersek has failed to acknowledge them let alone hear their side of the story. This is another dark day in Australia’s abysmal environmental history,” Brown said.

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