Porta Mills sawmill shutdown to highlight destruction of Styx forest giants

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The fragile steep slopes of the Styx Valley are currently destroyed for companies such as Porta Mills, audaciously trading under the name “Know and Love Timber”. This morning, members of Bob Brown Foundation have immobilised the access gates to this timber mill near Hobart to prevent more of these precious forests from being carved up.

Karen Weldrick 64 and Wayne Gipters, 59 are making their voices heard today, attached to the gates awaiting arrest later today.

“Companies profiting from the logging of global carbon stores, the decimation of endangered species habitat and the fragmentation of our wild areas, must be held to account,” said Bob Brown Foundation campaigner Erik Hayward.

“This sawmill, Know and Love Timber, is set to devour Tasmania’s wildest forests including the contentious coupe TN062G in the Styx Valley where these remarkable ecosystems are being funnelled from. The forest has been the centre of protests over the last couple of weeks with numerous arrests including Bob Brown and currently gaoled forest defender Ali Alishah.”

“Habitats of the Masked owl and Wedge-tailed Eagle, groves of the tallest flowering plants in the world, old myrtles nestled in tree-fern gullies that have been untouched for thousands of years are all areas that we stand to lose under a government that won’t stop until there is nothing left.”

“In a state of climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, where bushfires across Australia caused by decades of over-logging loom ever greater, the single most important and easiest way to mitigate what problems we are facing is to end native forest logging immediately. Give your vote to the forests this election,” said Erik Hayward.

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