Premier Rockliff willing to cause the world’s first extinction due to aquaculture

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Today’s comments from Premier Rockliff highlight the Tasmanian government’s intent on causing the Maugean Skate to go extinct.

The premier must not ignore the science in Macquarie Harbour, which is unequivocal, fish farms must be reduced and removed if the Maugean Skate has any chance of survival.

“It would seem that nothing has changed in Tasmanian government policy since 1936 when the thylacine went extinct,” said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine campaigner at the Bob Brown Foundation. 

“The Maugean skate must not be allowed to go extinct. The science is clear, fish farms must be removed from Macquarie Harbour.”

“If the Thylacine was here today Premier Rockliff would condemn it to extinction just like he is with the Maugean Skate.”

“Federal environment minister, Tanya Plibersek, made a promise of no new extinctions. The Australian public expects her to keep that promise and save the Maugean Skate.”

“Premier Rockliff needs to remember that extinction is forever, once the Maugean Skate is gone, it’s gone for good,” said Alistair Allan. 

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