Prime Minister Albanese must act to save the Maugean Skate

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Today, activists from Bob Brown Foundation demonstrated in front of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese as he visited an industrial fish farm processing plant in Margate.

The Prime Minister didn’t stop to talk to environmentalists and instead posed for photos wearing a specially made hi-vis vest embossed with “Albo” and the Tassal logo.

Protestors were there to demand that the Albanese government keep their promise of no new extinctions, with the Maugean Skate in Macquarie Harbour being pushed to extinction by industrial fish farms.

“Prime Minister Albanese must keep his government’s promise of no new extinctions on their watch,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Antarctic and Marine Campaigner.

“The Maugean Skate has been on the planet for millions of years and industrial fish farms are about to make it disappear forever.”

“With major challenges arising in the captive breeding program the Federal Government must act to protect what is left of the wild Maugean Skate population. This means removing fish farms from Macquarie Harbour.”

“If Prime Minister Albanese wants a sustainable industry they need to transition fish farms out of Macquarie Harbour and Tasmania’s rivers, bays and oceans.”

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