Protest at contentious logging site near Maydena Bike Park

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In the contentious Maydena forests near a mountain bike park, the Bob Brown Foundation has launched an aerial occupation today to protect tall ancient forests where logging has commenced in recent days.

High profile environmentalist Violet Coco has joined the defence of the ancient forests, setting up a platform surrounded by giant trees. Violet gained national media attention for her arrest and gaoling after blocking the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of climate action.

“Today, I am putting my body on the line to protect these trees. In a climate emergency, every tree is vital, but these giant trees are sacred,” said Violet Coco.

The contentious start of industrial logging operations in these forests abutting the globally renowned Maydena mountain bike park has been slammed by local community groups for years and now, despite their pleas, has been completely ignored. Forestry Tasmania’s labelled coupe TN031B is one area of precious native forests in a larger corridor of proposed contentious logging coupes.

“These native forests make up the headwater catchment and source of the Tyenna River in Southwestern lutruwita / Tasmania. Logging will cause serious and irreversible negative impacts on this precious water catchment,“ Erik Hayward, Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner said.

“We need to see an immediate halt to the logging of these magnificent and special forest areas, they contain immense tall eucalyptus and a rich understory that provides shelter for wildlife. In the same valley is the globally renowned Styx Reserve, visited by people who come to see the trees not the logged coupes,” Erik Hayward said.

“There is still time to save these high conservation value forests, it is critical in this age of biodiversity and climate crises. Our carbon stores are being depleted, driven by Forestry Tasmania, guided by the Forest Practices Authority and sanctioned by the Rockliff Government, it must end. “ Erik Hayward said.

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