Protester arrested this morning at Takayna Arthur River forests

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Police have made an early morning arrest of a Takayna defender Felix Grant. After protests are in their second day in Tasmania’s northwest where peaceful forest defenders are standing up to call for urgent protection of ancient forests from logging. Forestry Tasmania plans to clearfell this forest along the iconic Arthur River.

“Every time Tasmania’s government sends in the police to arrest forest defenders, they oversee the flattening of another wildlife habitat, another critical carbon storehouse,” said Jenny Weber Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign manager.

“Each time Forestry Tasmania sets foot in Takayna, our Foundation will rise up and defend it. Forestry Tasmania deliberately annihilates threatened species habitat, and systematically destroys cherished landscapes, and it’s time to stop and save forests like the Arthur River.”

Felix Grant, a 26 year old teacher from Nipaluna, has taken peaceful action this morning to defend this precious forest. “As a teacher, I am passionate about preserving wild places for the next generation. I am infuriated that this beautiful place is going to be smashed to bits for no profit. Native forest logging is not creating money, it’s not even creating many jobs, and it’s driving species to extinction. I am sick of feeling powerless to protect our environment, and after years of asking nicely, I’ve had enough.”

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