Protesters Enter Week 5 to Protect Arthur River Forests

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Community members continue protests against the contentious logging in takayna forest, in Tasmania’s northwest. This morning Fi Gipters was arrested for defending the endangered species habitat from destruction.

Fi joins more than 100 people who have already taken action to save this precious forest.

“For the past five years, I have been living with a terminal illness. During this time I have been soaking up all the wondrous pleasures nature has to offer. I have also written many letters, pleading for decision makers to listen to the science and protect nature. To be honest, I am so sick of the lame responses and that is why I am here,” Fi Gipters said from the Takayna frontline protest.

“If we all step up in any way we can, we will stop this non-sensical destruction. Come join us. This is a team effort,” Fi Gipters said.

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