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Today, Bob Brown Foundation activists again halted the Tassal ship Aqua Spa from pumping salmon into 16 pens in Long Bay near Port Arthur. The BBF boat travelled out to the heads of Long Bay and asked the Aqua Spa to stop, which it did until Tasmania Police escorted the salmon factory vessel into the bay.

The factory salmon vessel intends to return every day this week to fill all 16 pens with thousands and thousands of salmon, despite repeated community calls to not return salmon to Long Bay.

“Today we have returned to stop more salmon from being pumped into Long Bay. We are here because the toxic salmon industry refuses to listen.”

“The community has tried every channel in the book to address this environmental disaster, from meeting with Tassal, meeting with government, holding town hall meetings, writing letters, and signing petitions. All of this has fallen on deaf ears.”

“Young activist Ellen Maddock bravely climbed aboard a Tassal fish farm pen in protest against the dumping of salmon into this fragile ecosystem. Ms Maddock was given an informal warning by police to leave the pen.”

“Tasmanians have had enough of the toxic salmon industry destroying our waterways. It is time for these pens to be taken out of the water. This is why we are here today protesting. The industry has left us no choice,” Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farms Campaigner Alistair Allan said.

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