Protests in Melbourne against takeover of toxic salmon producer Tassal.

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Today in Melbourne, Bob Brown Foundation is protesting at the Tassal AGM, where shareholders are voting on whether to allow Canadian seafood giant, Cooke Aquaculture, to take over the last Tasmanian-owned industrial salmon company.

Shareholders will also be handed a letter from the Global Salmon Farming Resistance, warning of the terrible environmental reputation that Cooke Aquaculture has.

“Cooke is looking to takeover Tassal because the Tasmanian Government is more than happy to allow the destruction of our beautiful rivers, bays and ocean for profit,” said Alistair Allan, Bob Brown Foundation Fish Farm Campaigner.

“Despite a growing global movement of salmon farming being banned or phased out, Tasmania is opening the door to this environmental vandal.”

Cooke has already seen salmon farming starting to be phased out in Canada due to its monumental impacts, so now they are coming to Tasmania, where the Government couldn’t care less about the environmental impacts.”

“Tassal has shown Cooke that you can get away with anything, whether that be killing seals, or destroying entire ecosystems, as they did in Macquarie Harbour in 2018.”

“Eating farmed salmon is killing Tasmania, as the folks gathered here in Melbourne know. I urge all Australians to take farmed Tasmanian salmon off the menu this summer.”

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