Rainforest defence at Meunna wins tenth-day reprieve

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Protests to prevent logging of remnant rainforest at Meunna on the northern edge of takayna have entered their tenth day as local community members continued rolling occupations of the logging coupe. This morning’s team found machines moved to a stand-down area and no workers present. It is unclear whether the stop work is permanent or a temporary pause ahead of the holiday season.

“Over the past ten days, we have seen over twenty citizens either arrested or given move-on orders for fourteen separate actions occupying these rainforests. Local people are turning out to see this forest defended,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“Perhaps this is just our silent night but we will take it. Any day the machines are silenced is a good day.”

“In a biodiversity crisis and climate emergency, our forests are worth far more than money. These are public forests, and the public are being penalised for their peaceful actions. At the same time, habitat and carbon stores are being destroyed by an industry with no social licence in the twenty-first century and government policy blindly locked to a subsidy-driven relic.”

“We will be back the moment the machines return to their destruction.”

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