Reports of a fire at one of Tassal’s Tasmanian salmon farm pens

Media Enquiries

Today, there are reports of a fire at Tassal’s salmon farm pens near Badger Creek on the Tasman Peninsula.

The Bob Brown Foundation has seen pictures of black smoke pouring from one of the pens.

The Bob Brown Foundation is calling on the company to detail what has happened especially in relation to any environmental or animal welfare issues.

“We know that the Tasmanian Salmon industry is reckless in their care for the environment. This fire looks big and looks serious and we want to know what damage has occurred to the marine environment because it can’t be nothing,” said Alistair Allan, Fish Farm campaigner at the Bob Brown Foundation.

“Tassal has been met with a huge backlash from the Tasman Peninsula community for their plans to put salmon back into pens at Long Bay, near Port Arthur, due to a complete lack of transparency amongst grave environmental concerns.”

“We need to know what has happened at Badger Creek.”

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