Riley Creek sale poses a risk to taxpayers. Minister Abetz must refuse the transfer. 

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Bob Brown Foundation has raised concerns with Venture Minerals’ sale of the Riley Creek mine to new owner Gold Valley given that the Gold Valley Group of companies has been subject to liquidation, voluntary administration and a current ASIC-initiated application to deregister the company.

“Venture Minerals have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find an operator even worse than them,” said Bob Brown Foundation Takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“We are now facing a scenario where Venture Minerals has offloaded its responsibilities for remediation of Riley Creek to a company that may not even exist by month’s end.”

“Minister for Resources Eric Abetz must act immediately to prevent the transfer of the mine lease. It is clear that Gold Valley will not have the resources or capacity to carry out remediation with the imminent collapse of the company. If the minister allows Venture to wash its hands of its remediation obligations, he will be exposing Tasmanian taxpayers to significant expense.”

Section 78A of the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995 states that the minister may only grant an application for a lease if the minister is satisfied that the applicant is likely to have sufficient financial and technical resources to carry out the mining plan.

“A proper assessment would find that that Gold Valley has not have met the prudential requirements of the Mineral Resources Development Act to be granted a lease and therefore must not be allowed assume this lease in Venture’s fire sale.”

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