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The Tasmanian Planning Tribunal has given a fawning endorsement of the proposed Robbins Island wind farm for multinational corporation ACEN.

Bob Brown Foundation says that the impact of the huge installation on the endangered bird and animal species in the island precinct will be profound and destructive. It listed those as:

  • a huge threat to the Orange-bellied Parrot which migrates through the island each year en route to southwest Tasmania from Victoria. This species numbers less than 100.
  • inevitable killing of Wedge-tailed Eagles.
  • a continued loss of the once-healthy feeding grounds of dozens of species shorebirds which come to Tasmania from Alaska and Siberia each year to feed in the island precinct.
  • undisputed damage to the Remarkable Banks, a global geomorphologic icon registering past periods of global heating.
  • the now inevitable spread of the facial tumour disease to the only natural colony of some hundreds of Tasmanian Devils on the island.

“This is part of humanity’s deliberated destruction of the natural world which sustains all life,” Bob Brown said today.

“Instead of turning off wasted electricity, we will wreck another surviving stronghold of natural wildlife diversity in Australia. It is now up to the Albanese government and national environment minister Tanya Plibersek to protect the cornucopia of nature which Robbins Island holds. They should at least back the Tasmanian EPA position.”

“As a nation, we can do better than destroy this magnificent part of our natural heritage on the altar of a wasteful and never-satisfied guzzling of more electricity. A simple, decent energy efficiency program would make available much more electricity than this destructive project driven by profiteering in 2023.”

At the tail end of the busiest migratory bird route in Australia, they are going to put the biggest wind farm in the southern hemisphere. That’s obscene,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

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