Rockliff dumps on his own Environment Protection Agency

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Premier Rockliff has dumped on his own Environment Protection Agency (EPA) after today’s planning tribunal decision on Robbins Island, indicating that the EPA was ‘single-minded’, got the balance wrong and was not common sense.

“This is the Premier of the big business rubber stamp. Instead of standing up for the hard-working experts in his own EPA, he has hung them out to dry. He has lashed out at the EPA workers in a way he would never treat Forestry Tasmania or Department of Mines workers. It is pretty unedifying,” Bob Brown said.

“The government should appeal this decision. It should back up its experts, back up the Orange-bellied Parrot and its conservation program, and back up the EPA. We need independent government experts and we need the Orange-bellied Parrot. We don’t need a wind farm on Robbins Island,” said Scott Jordan

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