Rockliff Puts Multi-National Developers Above Tasmanians and the Law.

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“Forget the best interests of Tasmanians or the Tasmanian coast, one of the first items of business when the Rockliff Government goes back into the House of Assembly will be to put a smile on the face of multinational developers everywhere. They will move to retrospectively make legal what is currently illegal, at the behest of multinational company ACEN because the community, through the legal system, is preventing it destroying the coast of Robbins Island,” said Christine Milne, Bob Brown Foundation spokesperson.

Tasmania’s state government intends to bring in legislation that would retrospectively amend the State Coastal Policy.

“Make no mistake, if the Coastal Policy is retrospectively amended it will affect every square inch of Tasmania’s coast. Developers will love the idea that they can build wharves, jetties and infrastructure on dune systems regardless of environmental impact or the increasing erosion from rising sea levels. Global warming is accelerating and instead of taking it into account, the Rockliff Government abolishes the Climate Ministry and accelerates the degradation. Because the Circular Head Community and the EPA have argued in Court that the State Coastal Policy prevents ACEN destroying the Coastal landforms, ACEN has demanded the law be changed and so Premier Rockliff has agreed. Selling out Tasmania to developers is exactly what Liberal Governments have done for decades,” said Christine Milne.

“Developers say ‘Jump’ and they say ‘How High’.”

“Historically, ‘Doubts Removal’ legislation, retrospectively applied, has been introduced for pulp mills and loggers and now this change to the Coastal policy is for wind farm developers, fish farmers and of course TasNetworks and Marinus Link. Tasmanians voted for change at the election but instead, they have more of the same. All those who said they’d hold the Government to account need to stand up against this assault on the law, Tasmanian communities and the coast they love. Will Dean Winter stand up or is this another backflip from Labor? Will JLN stand up for the transparency and accountability it said it stands for? Let’s see if the Legislative Council is really a House of Review or whether it will tip the ‘balance’ further in favour of coastal destruction,” concluded Christine Milne.

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