Rockliff questioned on police spend for corporations

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Premier Rockliff is wasting taxpayer funds by paying for Tasmania Police officers to shepherd the logging of remote forest in Takayna.

Bob Brown Foundation says detail of the policing costs should be made public.

“This is an added subsidy to logging corporations already costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year in government subsidies,” BBF Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said today.

“Tasmania Police were at the site of the remote native forest clearfalling and moved on peaceful protesters at 2am. The public deserve to know what this logging company protection is costing,” Jenny Weber said.

“The premier should stop wasting sending in the police to arrest forest defenders and value the natural forests for the global reputation they give Tasmania. Remove the logging machines and these forests can remain as critical habitat for many endangered species,” Jenny Weber said.

“Half of the forest area in that Takayna coup adjacent the Arthur River, with its Masked Owls, eagles and Azure Kingfishers, remains intact. It will require no police to uphold the laws of nature and protect it.”

Forestry Tasmania is also subsidising the logging corporations by paying for its own security guards on the public access road to the forest.

“That the Rockliff Government is spending an estimated $10,000 a week on unlawful and unlicensed security should shock and alarm the Tasmanian community,” said Scott Jordan, BBF’s Takayna Campaigner.

“Payments for illegal services to unlicensed thugs is reminiscent of gangland television not responsible government,” said Scott Jordan.

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