Salmon giant licensed to kill native wildlife to protect profits

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RTI documents have revealed that the giant industrial salmon company, Tassal, shot and killed native cormorants inside salmon pens, completely government sanctioned.

This continues a long tradition of salmon companies killing or injuring native wildlife, whether it be protected fur seals, native fish, and now seabirds.

“Wherever industrial salmon farms are, they cause pain, suffering and death to native animals. In Macquarie Harbour they are driving the Maugean Skate to extinction while at Conningham beach, they are opening fire on cormorants. These farms are disastrous for Tasmania’s wildlife,” said Alistair Allan, Antarctic and Marine campaigner, Bob Brown Foundation.

“Tassal’s cormorant killing is aided and abetted by the Liberal and Labor parties in Tasmania. They are all killing Tasmania’s reputation and brand for naturalness. These ancient birds have been around for 20 million years and each may live 20 years. Their diet has always been fish. Now Tassal puts out cormorant-calling cages of salmon and then is licensed to kill the birds that get in through flimsy, netting. Bullets are cheaper than adequate nets. It is scandalous behaviour by all concerned,” said Bob Brown.

Photo by Anita Greeck

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