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BBF today launched a website exposing the disastrous environmental and economic consequences of Marinus Link for Tasmanians. Communities are speaking out loudly and calling for Tasmanians to stand together to determine their own future and not sell it out via Marinus Link.

“Tasmanians have sent a clear message to the Government that they don’t want a repeat of the bankrupted Basslink and want our renewable energy to be used here in Tasmania and not exported to the mainland,” Christine Milne said.

“No amount of propaganda from the Tasmanian Government, Hydro Tasmania and Tas Networks or ritzy lunches at Wrest Point can change that. The attempt to pivot to a warm and fuzzy ‘Tasmanian’ story of hydro-industrialisation at our expense, to justify the same again, is insulting. It is history repeating itself and that ended up with the Franklin Blockade,” Christine Milne said.

“No one in Tasmania’s south appreciates the sell-out and industrialisation of the north that is being proposed to line the pockets of private developers and feed power to the mainland. The magnificent Robbins Island, takayna, Stanley, and forests and farmlands from Circular Head to Eddystone Point and the Central Plateau are all in the firing line. It is time that people had access to information about what is happening on the ground,” Bob Brown Foundation takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan said.

“Tasmania can be a world leader in wilderness protection, ecosystem restoration and electrification in an age of global heating and extinction. However, one cannot be at the expense of the other – climate and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin,” Scott Jordan said.

“Mainland Australia is investing heavily in new renewable energy and battery technology and every day the idea that Tasmania can be a ‘battery of the nation’ becomes even more last-century and even more economically disastrous. Tasmanian energy is not even modelled in Victoria’s transition plan.”

It is time for Tasmanians to stand up for our island, its wild places and its cultural heritage and Sink the Link,” Christine Milne said.


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