Sixty join Canopy Campout for Tasmania’s Swift Parrot.

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This weekend members of the Bob Brown Foundation are exploring the high canopies and treetops in the threatened Swift Parrot breeding forests. Canopy camping in the Eastern Tiers, this climbing event is part of the global Big Canopy Campout.

The Big Canopy Campout is a platform to celebrate and defend our global forests that are threatened with destruction.

“Our canopy campout in these magnificent native forests is an annual celebration of our campaign to defend, explore and protect native forests from logging,” said Erik Hayward, Campaigner for Bob Brown Foundation.

“Around the globe this weekend there are 44 campouts across 18 countries including, Russia, Germany, Ecuador and Thailand. These are all places where native forests are threatened by destruction,” Erik Hayward said.

“In lutruwira /Tasmania our Campout is in critically endangered Swift Parrot habitat. A bird of which only a few hundred exist in the world. Here their old forest habitat for feeding and nesting is being shamefully chipped for paper products by the government logging agency Forestry Tasmania,” Erik Hayward said.

Our big canopy campout event will involve climbing, children’s activities, guided walks, and Non-Violent Direct Action training.

“We are supporting the Siekopai people of Ecuador with their fight for their ancestral lands. We are camping on palawa pakana country and we are fighting for these lands to be protected and handed back to the aboriginal custodians,” Erik Hayward said.

“Australia still logs ancient forests essential for cooling the jets of the climate and biodiversity crises we are all part of. We need to end native forest logging yesterday,” Erik Hayward said.

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