A strong vision for Tasmania

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An island with intact wild places, native forests and rainforests, clean air, clean water and abundant wildlife.

A future with a strong economy benefiting from restoration, securely protected landscapes and a net-zero carbon economy. 

The pathway to this vision includes:  

  1. An end to logging Tasmania’s magnificent native forests. 
  2. Returning takayna to Aboriginal ownership as a World Heritage-listed National Park. 
  3. Protecting all Swift Parrot habitat on public land in secure conservation reserves.  
  4. Action to protect the oceans, coasts, rivers and Aboriginal living landscapes. 
  5. Restoring the National Parks and Wildlife Service as a separate, independent department with sufficient funding to ensure the protection and management of our National Parks and World Heritage Areas. 
  6. Protecting the integrity of natural landscapes from industrialisation by large scale, unnecessary and debt accumulating energy infrastructure. 

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