Robbins Island

Renewable energy projects should not cost the Earth or its wildlife

The issue

Renewable energy projects should not cost the Earth or its wildlife.

On Robbins Island, in the wild northwest of Tasmania, a proposed windfarm will be a disaster for the amazing array of birds that call this island home.

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Windfarms should not be installed in areas with such a high density of endemic and migratory birds.

The proposed Robbins Island project is a bird killer. I am in favour of wind farms, but everything has its limits. One-third of Australia’s birds will be extinct this century and migratory birds foremost.” – Bob Brown. 

Photo: Explainer 

Marinus Link is a proposal to send energy from Tasmania to Victoria and the mainland via an undersea cable. 

Christine Milne has been an outspoken critic of Marinus Link for many years, pointing out that it benefits no one and comes at a high environmental cost. 

“We don’t need to spiral into huge debt and destroy our environment to send energy to the mainland when it is not needed to achieve climate or renewable energy goals.” – Christine Milne. 

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