takayna logging threats

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In takayna, ancient rainforests are flattened by logging and wildlife-rich ancient eucalyptus forests are clearfelled for woodchips.

After logging, the area is burnt with a napalm-like substance that pollutes the air and releases vast quantities of greenhouse gases. 

In takayna, our blockades and protests, have prevented logging in takayna since early 2020.   

A permanent logging zone covers 30,000 hectares of takayna. 

Regional reserves and conservation areas cover 295,700 hectares with logging, mining and off-road vehicle access permitted in these reserves. In 2014, the Tasmanian government introduced legislation weakening the status of regional reserves and conservation areas, allowing them to be logged, including reserves protected since 1980. 

As intact native forests across the globe become rarer, secure protection of takayna’s forests are a key component in mitigating global climate change. 

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